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New and totally awesome features of Drupal 8


For those who haven't seen it, check out AquiaTV's video on Youtube Everything You Need to Know About the Top Changes in Drupal 8 by Angy Byron (Webchick). Just watched it, and I've summarised below what I think are the greatest new features in Drupal 8.

Better UI for content editors and WYSIWYG contained in core. Previews have been fixed, and you can view a preview of a view mode.

Views in core. Say no more.

Installing SCSS/SASS syntax highlighting on Dreamweaver CS6 – Windows only

1.       Update to the latest version of Dreamweaver

2.       Ensure that ‘Show hidden files’ is enabled in Control Panel > Folder options

3.       Open your user folder eg C:\users\Dylan\ replacing with your name

4.       Then open AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS6/en_US/Configuration/

5.       Open the file Extensions.txt

Creating a tabbed interface


Every now an again I come across something which makes me think, 'how on Earth did I not know about this?'. I was looking for a way to quickly create a tabbed interface of content out of the fields of a content type. I was halfway down the route of implementing jQuery UI's tabbed interface, when I discovered this:


Creating a recipe style content type



In this post I am going to explain how to create a content type which can be used for writing recipes on a cookery site (for example). You can adapt the content type as you wish for other uses.

When we are finished, this is what we will have created.

Result of this tutorial

You will need

To create the content type, please install and enable the following Drupal modules: