Installing SCSS/SASS syntax highlighting on Dreamweaver CS6 – Windows only

1.       Update to the latest version of Dreamweaver

2.       Ensure that ‘Show hidden files’ is enabled in Control Panel > Folder options

3.       Open your user folder eg C:\users\Dylan\ replacing with your name

4.       Then open AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS6/en_US/Configuration/

5.       Open the file Extensions.txt

6.       Replace the first line with the following:

7.       Replace the following line:
CSS:Style Sheets
CSS,LESS,SCSS:Style Sheets

8.       Save and exit the file

9.       Go to the folder DocumentTypes

10.   Open the file named MMDocumentTypes.xml

11.   Replace the line beginning with:
<documenttype id="CSS"
<documenttype id="CSS" internaltype="Text" winfileextension="css,less,sass,scss" macfileextension="css" file="Default.css" writebyteordermark="false" mimetype="text/css" >       

12.   Save and exit the file, and restart Dreamweaver

13.   Syntax highlighting now works